Last update: 29/05/2017 (DD/MM/YYYY)

General server rules (for all servers)

  1. The official language is English. If you want to talk in a different language, please use private messages.
  2. No hate, racism, sexism, insulting or generally being mean to anyone.
  3. No spamming (that includes both chat and voice chat).
  4. No bragging (e.g. it is perfectly acceptable to offer help with something you are really good at, but it is not acceptable to boast about it like you are special just because you can do something).
  5. No explicit, NSFW, highly questionable, provocative or highly annoying content in chat, voice chat, custom sprays and player model customizations.
  6. No domain names in player names and no explicit, NSFW or highly offensive player names or avatars.
  7. No excessive swearing. Occassional and mild swearing suitable for the given situation is alright, but obviously excessive or exaggerated swearing is not.
  8. No bypassing/hacking of any standard function of the server (e.g. chat filtering, AFK kicking, tool restrictions etc.)
  9. Use common sense - always. You can be kicked/banned if you do anything stupid that is not listed here.
  10. Anyone who follows the rules is welcome on our servers. You don't have to be a brony/pegasister or like ponies in general.

Sandbox server-specific rules

  1. No propspamming/propkilling/spawntraps or building larger structures near spawn (> 20 props).
  2. No intentional spawning of huge dupes, too many props or lag-inducing contraptions.
  3. No intentionally harmful creations (to both server and players).

Cinema server-specific rules

  1. No shocking, gore, violent, sexual, pornographic or highly questionable video requests in ANY cinema.

DarkRP server-specific rules


Here is a quick reference for the terms used often by players in DarkRP servers and in the rules that follow:

Basic rules

The following are offensives that may result in disciplinary action regardless of job:

Rules for specific jobs

Here are various rules for specific jobs.


Royals are in no way exempt from rules and even have their own set they must follow.


Royal Guard

Captain of the Royal Guards

Changelings, Thieves and Hitmen


Changeling Queen




Blackmarket Dealer

Animals and Foals

Raiding, Mugging, Kidnapping and Carjacking Rules





Rules for making a base or RP zone

Creating a base

A base is a place where a group stays and protects their things or has their home. Any non-rp zone living space or storage area is considered a base to raiders. When building your base to protect yourself, you must follow some rules:

RP zones

Steam group rules

  1. No spam, gore, highly violent and/or R34/NSFW content (that is sexual/pornographic or highly suggestive material of any sort) or excesive swearing in the main group chat. Asking harmless questions/opinions about mentioned topics in general is fine, but if you want to post/discuss content with such topics involved, do so outside this group.
  2. No gore, highly violent and/or R34/NSFW or highly questionable names and avatars. If you desperately want to have such name or avatar on your profile, this group is probably not for you.
  3. The main group chat is primarily NOT for RP. Small and short-ish RPs in general are fine, but use private chats for larger ones, or for any RPs involving NSFW/R34 content