Last update: 31/12/2016 (DD/MM/YYYY)

To become trusted, you currently have to fulfil two requirements:

  • You have to join our Steam group.

  • You must have at least 20 hours of playtime on our servers (combined - meaning the time spent on all servers must be at least 20 hours total, not on each server separately) in the last 3 weeks (21 days).

Luckily, you do not need to keep track of this yourself, as our system will check the requirements automatically and show you how much time you've spent on our servers and if you are eligible for Trusted rank or not. Simply visit this page to become trusted or type !join in the chat while you are on the server and follow the instructions. If you fulfil all the requirements, you will be given Trusted status automatically.

If there are any discrepancies (e.g. you think the webpage shows incorrect time you've spent on the servers), just contact any of our staff and we will do our best to help.

Becoming a moderator/admin on any of our servers is not something you can just get by simply asking for it, and requires a few conditions to be met. These conditions are:

  • You have to be able to communicate in English to the point both native and non-native English speakers can understand you without problems. Communication by typing is sufficient, although being able to speak English as well is preferred. You should be able to use proper grammar, capitalization, commas and other aspects of English language to express yourself in a well-mannered way. Minor mistakes are tolerated.

  • You are expected to spend more time on the server than an average player. There are no strictly set limits on the number of hours per day or week as we evaluate each case individually, but at least several hours per week is expected from a good staff member.

  • There must be a free position for the given rank. We have certain limits on how many moderators and admins there can be for each server. In case these limits are reached, we won't recruit anyone new for the given rank. You might be put on a "waiting list" in such case though.

  • You are expected to be commited to doing your job and to act responsibly - that is making sure no one breaks any rules on the server (and punishing them if they do), politely answering questions (related to the server/game) to those who ask and being responsible in general - e.g. not abusing your position at any time, not trolling other players or being mean to anyone under any condition (even those misbehaving).

  • You are expected to always act and react in a calm manner. If you have anger management issues, are short-tempered or you get upset or provoked easily, this might not be the job for you.

  • You are expected to communicate with staff of a higher rank (or the owner themselves) about any problems, issues or unusual situations that occur on the server.

  • You are expected to follow the administrator/moderator guidebook, which you will be required to read before becoming moderator/admin.

If you think you have what it takes and want to apply to become a moderator/admin, join our Discord server by clicking here and post your application there, in the #staff-applications channel.

  • If you are playing on a server such as sandbox or DarkRP where the C key shows the onscreen menu, you can hold C and select Simple ThirdPerson to open thirdperson settings. There, you can turn the thirdperson on and off and tweak various useful settings, such as the distance or behaviour of the camera when in thirdperson.

  • For quicker thirdperson control, you can type simple_thirdperson_enable_toggle into console to switch between first and third person.

  • Tip: type bind p simple_thirdperson_enable_toggle into console to bind the P key to the thirdperson switch command. Then, you can simply switch between firstperson and thirdperson quickly by pressing the P key. Of course, you can replace p with a key of your choosing.

This is a common issue with the pony models addon. To fix this, simply open your console (using the ~ key by default), type ppm_update and hit enter. All the ponies should be back to normal. If this does not help, try reconnecting.

If you were Trusted before but you no longer have the rank, the most probable reason is that you have been demoted for violating some of our rules. Visit this page (or type !join in the ingame chat) and try to become Trusted again. If you were demoted for rule violation, the page will show you the reason. If you do not see why you were demoted or have some questions, contact any of our staff.

There are many situations when this can happen, usually it happens because of conflicting addons or some downloaded files being corrupted. The best working solution so far seems to be reinstalling your Garry's Mod.

  1. Unsubscribe from all addons you are currently subscribed to (either from the Steam website or from within the game; it's easier to do it from the website though).
  2. (optional) Go to folder where your Garry's Mod is installed - by default, this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod, unless you changed it. Then continue into garrysmod\data. Here, copy every folder you certainly don't want to lose somewhere else in your computer (but don't copy any folder if you have no idea what it represents). Some of the folders you might want to copy are:
    • adv_duplicator - contains things in your Advanced Duplicator
    • expression2 - contains your E2 chips
    • pac3 and pac3_editor - contains your PAC3 creations
    • ppm - contains your customized pony models
  3. Go into your Steam library, right click Garry's Mod and choose Delete Local Content.... Click on Delete to confirm it.
  4. Go back into the folder where Garry's Mod was installed (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common by default) and delete the GarrysMod folder completely.
  5. Go into your Steam library and install Garry's Mod again.
  6. Try joining the server now. If it still crashes, there is most likely some problem with your computer that is not related to Garry's Mod.
  7. (optional) Copy your backed-up folders back into garrysmod\data.
  8. (optional) Subscribe back to all addons you need. You do not need to subscribe to any addons that are on our servers though - those are downloaded automatically when you join.

There can be several reasons for this.

  • First, try finding out if the prop/entity you see as error comes from a third-party game such as Team Fortress 2 or Counter-Strike: Source. Some of the content on our servers comes from Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Source and if you do not have both of these games installed, it is possible you will see big red errors in place of some props. Team Fortress 2 is free, Counter-Strike: Source is not.

  • Secondly, make sure you have downloading of custom content allowed. Go to Garry's Mod main menu, then to Options, then Multiplayer and make sure you select Allow all custom files from server.

  • For some reason, sometimes the addons do not get activated the first time you join the server (this also usually happens after you turn the custom content on in the options and then immediately join the server). Try restarting your Garry's Mod (not just disconnecting), then joining the server again. This may fix the issue.

  • Last but not least, it is possible that someone is using props or entities from addons that they have, but they are not installed on the server. In that case, only those who also have the particular addon installed can see the given prop or entity. You do not have to care about getting the addons that are on the server - they are automatically downloaded when you join the server, assuming you have downloading of custom content allowed in the options (see above).

PAC can be somewhat tricky and difficult to learn - don't expect to become a great PAC creator in a day or two. However, there is a great and quite extensive Youtube channel for learning PAC from scratch HERE.

The most probable reason for this is that the action you are trying to do is restricted from your rank for security reasons. Ask any member of the staff for more information or if you think it should not be happening.

This should not happen anymore, as it was fixed in Garry's mod update from 09/03/2015. If you still experience this problem for some reason, contact any of our staff.

Did you not find the answer to your question here? Visit our Discord server or talk to any of our staff and we will do our best to answer it.