Help us keep our servers alive!

The constantly growing number of players obviously results in much higher requirements in both internet connection speed and mostly overall server performance - and as you can probably imagine, that costs money.

Running those servers is not cheap (and it requires quite a lot of work as well). Thus, the donations we get from players like you are the only current way to keep them running and make them even better for everyone, without the need to apply any further restrictions. In case we don't raise enough money from donations, we might eventually be forced to apply further restrictions or even shut down the servers completely. All donations are going to be used solely for server/website upgrades and running costs.

Donate at least $5 and get all of the following benefits:

Please note that the mentioned list is subject to change, in which case affected items will be marked/highlighted for some time after the change occurs.

After you've made a donation, please fill the required information on the confirmation page here for easier identification of your donation. You should receive your donator status on our servers in 48 hours (1 week in special cases) from making and confirming the donation - otherwise, please contact us.

Currently, we can only accept donations using any widely used credit/debit/pre-paid card (VISA/MasterCard/American Express/Discover, you can usually buy pre-paid cards on many gas stations or in shops), using PayPal account or using Bitcoin (current equivalent of $5 in BTC: 0.00011202 BTC).

or donate using Bitcoin to this address: 1GkZ9CtH6Xf5qLrgiDhgQHLjhhtDNdpH3v

Hall of fame

Here is a list of donators who agreed to be listed, ordered by the contributed amount.

In case you are listed above as Anonymous and you recognize your e-mail address - we probably didn't get a confirmation of your donation and thus couldn't identify you. Let me know so we can fix it.